Little May- "Boardwalks"

We have no clue how Little May managed to slip under our radar for so long, but our life has been infinitely complete since their music was introduced to us. The Aussie trio is proving exactly why female musicians should not be underestimated, showing off their extravagant guitar riffs and three- part harmonies. These girls are so incredibly talented, and we genuinely think everyone needs to know who they are.

 "Boardwalks" was the song that caught our attention the most and we are embarrassed to admit how many times we have hit the replay button. The girls have these ambient voices that will put your nerves at ease, and the production is spacey with the use of drawn out vocal runs and harmonies. The lyrics include lines such as "We are not afraid of who we are, but of what we have become" and "You could never run, but you said you'd run with me". Check it out if you're in the mood to fall in love.

Watch "Boardwalks" below

Melina Twyman

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