Kina Granis- "Beth"

Kinna Grannis has had our hearts in the palm of her hand since we heard her two singles "Winter" and "Delicate". The singer got her start doing covers on her YouTube channel, eventually gaining enough of a following to record her own music- which we think is ten times better. She is one of those classic folk singer- songwriters who uses minimal backing instruments and lets her vocals, lyrics and guitar take center stage.

 "Beth" is a heartbreaking and alluring single in which Grannis talks about someone very important to her who is struggling in their life, and is slowly pushing her away and refuses to open up. I think we have all had a friend who is letting life bring them to a point of no return, and there is nothing more painful than watching someone you love struggle knowing there is nothing you can do to help. The video incorporates visuals of a green mountain range, sticking to the classic Kina Grannis way of doing things- simple, elegant and charming. 

Watch "Beth" below

Melina Twyman

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