HAIM- "Want You Back"

When you take one look at the three girls from HAIM, it is immediately obvious they are products of California. Their style and hair scream California retro, and we are absolutely living for it. Taylor Swift recently voiced her support for the San Fernando Valley trio causing the internet to go crazy over their new music video "I Want You Back". What's even cooler about the girls is that they are sisters (Este Haim, Danielle Haim, and Alana Haim) who formulated their band's name from their actual last name, which is really kind of perfect.

In the video, the girls perform corky little dance moves that go along with the instrumentation of the song perfectly while they strut down the street in their vintage looking clothing, making it hard not to adore them. They don't mouth along to the lyrics until the end of the song which is something that makes the video stand out in a good way, and the creativity is refreshing. The song itself is funky, upbeat and unique- much like the sisters. We don't want to do too much explaining because we rather you just check it out for yourself!

Click below to watch "Want You Back"

Melina Twyman

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