Dagny- "Wearing Nothing"

Dagny Norvoll Sandvik, or Dagny, is a Norwegian pop singer who rose to fame when her single "Backbeat" was featured on Grey's Anatomy. The bleach blonde just released a killer video for her single "Wearing Nothing", and everything about it screams perfection.

The song has a lot of chanty harmonies and heavy drops, similar to those you would find in a Crystal Castles song, that make it almost impossible not to get up and dance. Dagny and the male actor are perfectly in sync with a beautiful interpretive dance routine, and Dagny prances gracefully around a house filled with pink curtains and bright yellow couches- making you think the video could potentially be set in the 80's. Whatever the year, Dagny and her team did a beautiful job at creating a visually pleasing and interesting video. We think you'll like this one.

Watch "Wearing Nothing" below

Melina Twyman

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