Cam- "Burning House"

Cam is an American country music singer and songwriter who's music incorporates elements taken from contemporary pop. She began her career as a songwriter, composing material for several artists including Miley Cyrus. Now we generally don't like to favor any one female in the industry, but we won't lie- Cam is by far one of our absolute favorites when it comes to country music. Her voice is so effortlessly flawless and her music hits us in ways we can't even explain. 

"Burning House" is about a relationship that has been dragging Cam under, forcing her to leave him to drown on his own. Though she is gone, she still has dreams of going down with him- but they are just dreams. She does an amazing job describing a parasitic relationship and the urge to try and fix it, even when you know it is impossible. The video is a little strange and Cam received a lot of criticism for smiling throughout, but our response to that is "You do you, girl!" 

Watch "Burning House" below 

Melina Twyman

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