Big Hair Girls- "Future Is Female"

Big Hair Girls are a fearless chant-pop duo out of Jersey City made up of sisters Venus and Lizzy Lightyear. As Russian / Romanian / Surinamese / Caribbean kids growing up in the suburbs of New York City, the girls were clearly different and stuck out at a time when it meant everything to fit in. Being bullied throughout their school years, Lizzy and Venus realized their differences are what made them awesome and learned to stand up for themselves. From then on, they vowed to value their uniqueness and stop straightening their hair! Today, they hold onto that vow with their amazing, technicolor, and BIG hair! 

Big Hair Girls started making music out of their bedroom studio and quickly became a staple of New York City’s underground scene, where they could be found djing a circuit of clubs and LGBTQ parties; but, it wasn’t until they met Donny Dykowsky that the girls created their signature sound. BHG make tropical, bounce-y pop anthems all inspired by themes of girl power, strength, unity, and unapologetic individuality. Yeeeessssss!!!!

As we all know, Sleepy Carolina likes to focus on female talent; and what better way to celebrate women empowerment than with a music video called "Future Is Female"? The video incorporates a lot of fun colors and pop-up style block font with Venus and Lizzy sporting their signature colorful hair. We are also living for the fact that iconic women are scattered throughout the 3 minute and 28 second video, so if you're feeling exceptionally energetic and empowered- give the video a solid go!

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Watch "Future Is Female" below

Melina Twyman

Sleepy Carolina aims to highlight new and old music from influential women in the industry, shed light on the incredible talents of girls and women from around the world and discuss important women- related issues. We wish to serve as an aggregator for the capability, grace and innovation of each and every woman who is brave enough to unapologetically be themselves and follow their passions.