Amy Shark- "Adore"

We first discovered Amy Shark in 2016 when we were living in Australia, and the country was going crazy over her new single "Adore". The song gained worldwide attention when it landed a spot on Australia's most famous radio station Triple J as a part of their annual countdown titled Hottest 100. The Aussie babe who is barely over 30-years old is an indie pop singer-songwriter and producer from the Gold Coast, Queensland, and only began actively pursuing music in 2014. I guess when you're as good as she is, it doesn't take long for your music to get recognition. 

"Adore" is a slow and bass-heavy tune with an electric guitar progression serving as the primary focus. Amy's vocals are slightly synthesized and she sings in an impressively low key that never seems to get much higher as the song carries on. The aesthetics of the video are soft and classy, coinciding with the vulnerable and elegant overall vibe of the track. Shark can be seen in various shots strumming power chords on her electric while looking down and closing her eyes, creating a transparency into what this song actually means to her. Whoever she wrote this song about, it is obvious she is head over heels for them (hopefully it's about her husband Shane). 

Click the link below to watch "Adore"

Melina Twyman

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