Jaira Burns- "Burn Slow"

Jaira Burns has been featured on Sleepy Carolina in the past for her debut music video "Ugly", which is a reggae style track that stole the hearts of thousands. Recently, she just released a new single titled "Burn Slow", which is significantly different from her previous work, but just as brilliant.

"Burn Slow" opted to stray away from the signature traits of reggae and portrayed a more pop feel, incorporating a lot of electronic harmonies with a slow and heavy tempo. Her vocals resonate in the same manner as her previous track, but her accent is noticeably different- which is a great quality to have in that gives her listeners a wide variety in style. We love Jaira Burns and hope to see a video for "Burn Slow" in the near future!

Listen to "Burn Slow" below

Melina Twyman

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