The Japanese House- "Still"

Sleepy Carolina was first introduced to the Japanese House in San Diego when "Still" came on in a local cafe's Spotify playlist, and since then the band has been in our top ten all time favorites. Amber Bain is the solo creator and performer of the Japanese House, releasing four EP's on her own. Originally from Buckinghamshire in the U.K, Amber's music has made its way across Australia, the United States and more. The 25-year-old incorporates guitars and electronic instrumentals into her music, giving off an early Imogen Heap feel with intensely layered vocals. She tends to change her voice to sound heavily computerized and lower, giving it an androgynous feel at times- and it totally works.

Another reason we love The Japanese House is because Amber uses the most beautiful visuals when it comes to her music videos and album art. She tends to shy away from showing her face to the public, but rather wants her audience to focus on the deeper meaning of her work and the underlying beauty of it. Amber, could you please stop being so perfect? 

Even though "Still" is one of The Japanese House's earlier releases, it is one of the best. Check out "Still" below and prepare to fall head over heels in love. 

Melina Twyman

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