The Honey Trees- "To Be With You"

"To Be With You" is an older track but we feel that is still hasn't received as much recognition as it should. The Honey Trees released the single in 2010, but it is definitely one of those timeless songs that will never stop being good. The band is unfortunately on a permanent hiatus but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the gift they gave us when they decided to bring these beautiful works of art to life.

"To Be With You" was by far their most recognized song, showing off the lead singers hypnotic and ambient vocals brilliantly. The simplicity behind their music is what caught our attention in the first place, and the emotion and truth in her words make it even more incredible.  We are so, so infinitely sad they have decided to no longer create- but if they do, we will be right here waiting!

Listen to "To Be With You" below

Melina Twyman

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