Lorde- "Hard Feelings & Loveless"


Okay, this is without a doubt our favorite Lorde song ever. Not only is the message in "Hard Feelings & Loveless" completely relatable to anyone who has gone through a tough breakup, but she relayed the message so beautifully that we actually have not stopped listening. This song is the 6th track off of her new album Melodrama, and it is not the only brilliant one on there- so do yourself a favor and listen to it in it's entirety.

"Hard Feelings & Loveless" is performed in classic Lorde fashion with a lower vocal range and long drawn out syllables. The second half of the verse is where she picks it up a tic and really begins to pour her heart out, speaking of how she no longer trusted her partner and volunteered to "leave first". Powerful, we know. On a side note, there must be an 80's trend going on because we got a little bit of a Yazoo vibe with her choice in instrumental and melody. Regardless, we are so happy this song exists.

Check out "Hard Feelings & Loveless" Below

Melina Twyman

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